Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Free Spirits, latest story

The next day, all of the interns began their creative designs on the mural. Jessie and Harmony had been working on painting their section for about 20 minutes when the other four interns walked in. They looked at Jessie and Harmony’s section of the mural and noticed that it was not just regular paint, the mural seemed to be popping out at them. Just then Mr. Perkins walked through and stopped to ask the girls how everything was going. Jessie and Harmony told Mr. Perkins that they had bought 3D paint. He really liked the idea and decided that was what he wanted. He told the other four interns they had to go out and buy that same 3D paint for the rest of the mural. When the four girls heard the request, they were excited that the mural was going to look so good. All the girls decided to go together to the right paint store and pick up more 3D paint.

At the store, Harmony ran into a man named Robert. They were both standing in the same aisle. Harmony was looking at a product and when she looked up she saw Robert. They had an instant connection and got carried away talking with each other. The girls didn’t want to interfere so they left and went back to the office. Harmony noticed that time had passed and saw on her watch that it was 9 oclock. She told Robert that she enjoyed talking with him and they exchanged numbers. Harmony ran back to the office.

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