Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Free Spirits, latest story

The next day, all of the interns began their creative designs on the mural. Jessie and Harmony had been working on painting their section for about 20 minutes when the other four interns walked in. They looked at Jessie and Harmony’s section of the mural and noticed that it was not just regular paint, the mural seemed to be popping out at them. Just then Mr. Perkins walked through and stopped to ask the girls how everything was going. Jessie and Harmony told Mr. Perkins that they had bought 3D paint. He really liked the idea and decided that was what he wanted. He told the other four interns they had to go out and buy that same 3D paint for the rest of the mural. When the four girls heard the request, they were excited that the mural was going to look so good. All the girls decided to go together to the right paint store and pick up more 3D paint.

At the store, Harmony ran into a man named Robert. They were both standing in the same aisle. Harmony was looking at a product and when she looked up she saw Robert. They had an instant connection and got carried away talking with each other. The girls didn’t want to interfere so they left and went back to the office. Harmony noticed that time had passed and saw on her watch that it was 9 oclock. She told Robert that she enjoyed talking with him and they exchanged numbers. Harmony ran back to the office.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quick Update

These past couple weeks have been very eventful. Last Saturday, my friend and I went to Kernville, Ca. to their annual Whiskey Flat Days. I really like going up there. It's like being in a Saloon in the Western days. We walked around and looked at all the vendors. I found a couple of neat things that my friend bought for me. He got me a statue of two bears holding a welcome sign. It is a cute sign. He also bought me a FOX motorcycle sweatshirt. I was happy, because I've always wanted a FOX sweatshirt. The sweatshirt is black with the Monster drink logo on the front and FOX logo on the back in bright pink lettering. We stayed for about three hours, then left to drive back to Bakersfield. For those of you who don't know, between Kernville/Lake Isabella and Bakersfield, one must drive through the Kern Canyon for about an hour. It can be a bit of a scary ride, because there are sharp curves and switchbacks, which are very sharp turns. I guess that's why they call it the deadly Kern.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Free Spirits, Part Eight

Harmony and Jessie talked about their piece. Since the picture is black and white, it won't be that hard to put the piece together. The challenge would be to make the painting 3D. What Mr. Perkins wants is for people to get the illusion of walking toward New York City when people walk through the doors. Since the girls are given one shot to show their ability in the art world, it needs to be and look highly professional. Knowing this, the girls took about two weeks or so to sketch their part on paper and then scan and digitize it. They also would visit a specialty paint store that Harmony had heard about back in San Francisco in her Gallery. At the store, they gave them insight on how to do 3D portraits, and they were offered some 3D black and white paint. Harmony felt fortunate that she heard about this certain shop.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Free Spirits, Part Seven

As they started working on their own section, Jessie was staring at her and Harmony’s piece. She was more interested in doing the middle section. Sherrill and Kerri were assigned to the middle section. Come to find out, Kerri wanted to work on the first piece. Brenda and Jessica were satisfied with their area of the artwork. As they worked on their piece, they tried to convince the girls to work on their assigned area. As Mr. Perkins walked by, he noticed the girls getting loud in the front hall. He stopped to check the reason of the volume level. They told him what they wanted to do and discussed their options. Mr. Perkins suggests they switch partners, but they discuss why they don’t want to switch. After a long, tiring talk, they decide to change sections and stay with their original partners.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A New Dog

For a long time, I've been wanting a dog. I've been wanting one for many reasons. I remember having dogs my whole life. As a kid, we had Corky and Shylock. Corky passed away when I was around four years old or so. A couple months went by and we had gotten a new puppy. My mom and dad bought a pitbull and we named him Nibbs. His registered named was Amber's Light Jake. He was a cool dog, and we grew up with him for at least 15-20 years. When we were in our teens, Shylock died and we bought a puppy for companionship for Nibbs. He tolerated her for a while and then started attacking her. Unfortunately, he attacked her a few times and the last time, he got her good. He bit into her cheek and she needed stitches. My mom and dad decided to have him put down before he ended up biting someone. I loved him a lot, so it was hard not to have him around anymore. Today, my mom and dad have Cinder, who we've had for about 17 years. Along with Cinder, they also have my sister's dog, Brownie. My sister moved across the country and Brownie refused to get in the car, so he stayed.

Since I've been on my own, I wanted a dog. Yesterday, I made a comment on a friend's picture. Long story short, my close guy friend and I have a little, light tan chihuahua. He is so cute, quiet, and calm. He gets along great with my friend's dog, Louie.

Pancho with his friend-Photo by Rudy Rosales

Monday, December 31, 2012

Story of Free Spirits Part six

After the meeting, the girls paired up with their partners and started working on their own assignment. Harmony paired up with a girl named Jessie Ray, who was a lot like her, so they would do well together. They decided to stay at the office to come up with a design and talk about what might give the hallway a look of classiness. The other four girls decided to go back to their apartment to work there. Twenty minutes later, the girls tried to come up with something. They had no inspiration. One of the girls suggests to get a cup of coffee. They walk to a coffee shop and each buy a drink and decide to walk back to the office to get a better look at space they are working with. As Harmony and Jessie are working, the other four girls walked in to discuss the project as a group.  After discussing in detail what each group would undertake, they start going to work.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Story of Free Spirits, Part Five

 Harmony arrived in New York City around 9:00 in the morning. She was greeted by her new boss, Mr. Perkins and two of his assistants. Along with his company, he also owns a small apartment building, where the interns could stay during the duration of the internship. Harmony and the five other interns share the apartment. They meet with each other and settle in. After doing so, they went to his company and art gallery. He took the group around his business and showed them all the in’s and out’s on the company. After they toured the gallery, they go back to the meeting room to find out what their big assignment is.